Perio and Hygiene

At Nova Dental Care, our primary objective is to ensure that every patient has a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth. This can only be done through educating our patients on the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene by brushing twice per day, flossing and rinsing daily, and visiting the dentist every six months for dental cleanings.

Our Houston dentists are educators. Whether children or adults, we ensure that every patient understands how to take care of their teeth and why preventing plaque buildup is pivotal in the fight against periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease, also known as periodontitis, is when the gums become infected and can ultimately damage gums and deteriorate the jawbone. This disease takes place when teeth and gums are not properly cleaned through brushing and flossing. Plaque builds up when a patient does not brush their teeth thoroughly. This plaque can eat away at the enamel of teeth, resulting in cavities.

Brushing eliminates plaque, but there are still spots that can be missed. This is why flossing is so important.

Flossing ensures those hard-to-reach areas aren’t missed and that plaque doesn’t build up and negatively affect the teeth and gums. When gums become tender, inflamed and start bleeding, this is a sure sign that teeth are not being properly maintained and periodontitis is setting in. Flossing actually strengthens gums and helps fight the infection. When the gums are protected through flossing and brushing, then the jawbone is protected as well.

Periodontal disease can be prevented and can be reversed through proper oral care, which includes consistently brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist for checkups and cleanings.

Periodontal disease doesn’t just affect the mouth. Oral health can impact overall health. There are correlations between periodontitis and diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke, and other potentially fatal illnesses. The reason for this is because plaque doesn’t simply remain in the teeth. It can flow into the digestive system. The infection in gums can also flow into the bloodstream, which can affect the heart.

Contact our northwest Houston dentist office for your bi-annual checkup and dental cleaning. Our dentists will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and provide an analysis of how healthy your mouth is. Oral hygiene is incredibly important to the overall health of a patient and we will ensure that you and your family are on the right track to healthy living.

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